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<A class=link href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2018calendar.pdf">2018 Events Calendar</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A class=link href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/blbc_history.htm">Club History</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A class=link href="#fees">Fees</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A class=link href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/News/index.htm">News</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A class=link href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/entries2018">2018 Tournament Entries</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A class=link href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/juniors.htm">Juniors</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A class=link href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2017Sponsors.pdf">Sponsors</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A class=link href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/blbc_contact.htm">Contacts</A>&nbsp; </TD> </TR> </table> <hr align="center" width="100%" style="height:3px; border-width:0; color:gray; background-color:#228B22"> <TABLE align="center" BORDER="0" WIDTH="952" BGCOLOR="#ffffff" bordercolor="#ABD28E" CELLPADDING="7" CELLSPACING="5" frame="box" rules="none"> <tr> <td width="100%" align="center" bgcolor="#abd28e"><H1> <b>Burlington Lawn Bowling Club - Since 1971 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="https://twitter.com/BurlingtonLBC" class="twitter-follow-button" data-show-count="false" data-size="large">Follow @BurlingtonLBC</a></b><br>PROUD HOST OF THE 2018 PROVINCIAL SENIORS CHAMPIONSHIPS, JULY 26-27</H1></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="100%" align="left" bgcolor="#efefef"> <p id="TopHeading"><font color="#FF0000"><i><u>BURLINGTON NOVICE TRIPLES REACH PODIUM:</u></i></font>&nbsp; Congratulations to Theresa Kennedy, Barbara Day Wills and Valerie King for winning the Bronze Medal at the Women's Provincial Novice Triples Championships at Sarnia, August 12. </p> <p id="TopHeading"><font color="#FF0000"><i><u>PROVINCIAL SENIORS CHAMPIONSHIPS:</u></i></font>&nbsp; Burlington and District 5 teams rack up medals at the Championships played at Burlington July 26-27. Congratulations to Derek Barker, Michael Briks and Remi Canuel for winning GOLD. On the women's side, Ruby Du Feu, Joan Way and Katherine Smith captured SILVER. These two Ontario teams will represent the province at the National Championships to be held at Calgary, Alberta, September 10 to 15.</p> <p id="TopHeading"><font color="#FF0000"><i><u>BLBC 2018 TOURNAMENTS:</u></i></font>&nbsp; With 3 Wins and 46 points, congrats to Burlington's Margaret Beacroft & Charlie Lyle for winning the Ron Du Feu Family Memorial tournament on Thursday, August 9. More results <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/entries2018">here</a>. Next up: Rick David's MT on Sunday, August 19. Get your entry in soon!</p> <p id="TopHeading"><font color="#FF0000"><i><u>2018 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS:</u></i></font>&nbsp; Congrats to Barb Day Wills and Don Rush for winning the club's Novice Singles championships on August 4. Photos of the participants available <A href="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/87hktpaj82aolyf/AAClj_hOuqgDNlq5Mgg3cGu4a?dl=0">HERE</a>. Note: due to rain on July 22, the Club's Triples Championships have been rescheduled to Saturday, September 22. Up Next: the Club's Novice Pairs on Saturday, August 18. Complete Results and Photos of the previously-played Club Championships can be found in <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/News/index.htm">NEWS</a>.</p> <p id="TopHeading"><font color="#FF0000"><i><u>JUNIOR NEWS:</u></i></font>&nbsp; As part of the club's Junior Program, on Wednesday, August 15, Malcolm Whyte will visit  the club . He has a couple of fun games & training lessons he will share with our juniors. One of our great Canadian bowlers, provincial champion and junior Burlington alumni, Malcolm is very knowledgeable and someone for the kids to look up to and learn from. ALL JUNIORS SHOULD BE HERE. Plus, on Monday, August 20, Erik Galipeau will also be helping the juniors. Erik is playing in the Nationals under 18 Championship, having won the gold in the Provincial Championships.</p> <p id="TopHeading"><font color="#FF0000"><i><u>HOLIDAY JITNEYS:</u></i></font>&nbsp; Despite the hot weather, the club still celebrated the Civic Holiday with a Pizza Party and Jitney. However, the jitney was cut to one 12-end game, with 52 members ignoring the heat to play in the morning. Congrats to Dorothy McIntyre, Freda Gersok and Sharron Treeby for winning the triples, and to Theresa Kennedy and Kathleen Mein for having the best pairs games. Due to the generosity of another great sponsor, AMICA of Dundas, half of the participants received a  winner s share . Photo of winners posted in <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/News/index.htm">NEWS</a>. Up next: Labour Day Jitney.</p> </tr> <tr> <td width="100%" align="center" bgcolor="#abd28e">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</td> </tr> <table> <TABLE align="center" BORDER="0" WIDTH="952" BGCOLOR="#ffffff" bordercolor="#228B22" CELLPADDING="5" CELLSPACING="2" frame="void" rules="none"> <TR VALIGN="TOP" align="center" bgcolor="#00BFFF"> <TD bgcolor="#DAD2C6" WIDTH="20%"><br><span id="leftmenutab2"><b><i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Points of Interest&nbsp;&nbsp;</i></b></span><br>&nbsp;<br></TD> <TD bgcolor="#FFFFFF" WIDTH="80%"><br><span id="leftmenutab2"><b><i>&nbsp;&nbsp;About Our Club&nbsp;&nbsp;</i></b></span><br>&nbsp;<br></TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="middle"> <TD bgcolor="#DAD2C6"><P align="left"><span id="leftmenutab">&nbsp;Greens Restoration&nbsp;</span> <br>Progress Reports: <br><b><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/greensnov2016.pdf">Nov. 2016 Update</a> <br><b><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/greensreport2016.pdf">Oct. 2016 Update</a><br><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/greensreport3.pdf">Spring 2016 Update</a><br><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/greens">Oct. 2015 Update<br><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/greens/greensreport2.htm">Nov. 2015 Update</A></B></P> <P align="left"><span id="leftmenutab">&nbsp;The Game&nbsp;</span> <br>&nbsp;<br><B><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/etiquette.htm"> Etiquette &#38;<br> Team Positions</A></B></P> <P align="left"><span id="leftmenutab">&nbsp;At The Club&nbsp;</span><BR><br>Free lessons from our resident pros! Available to all who want to learn how to play bowls!</p> <P align="left"><span id="leftmenutab">&nbsp;Special Programs&nbsp;</span><br>&nbsp;<br><b>2016 Student Bowling Program:<br><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/youthposter.pdf">See <font color=red><i>NEW</i></font>&nbsp; Poster</a></b> </p> <P align="left"><span id="leftmenutab">&nbsp;&nbsp;Photo Albums&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><br>&nbsp;<br><b>- <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/photogallery/indoor2016.htm">Indoor Bowls Fall 2016</a><br>- <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/burlingtonfours">Our Ontario Champs</a><br>- <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/photogallery/victoria2016.htm">Victoria Day 2016</a><br>- <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/photogallery/2016opening.htm">Opening Day 2016</a><br>- <A href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtwBEGJH-FU&feature=youtu.be">Christmas Jitney 2015</a><br>- <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/garage.jpg">Garage Sale 2015</a><br>- <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/photogallery">Opening Day 2015</a><br>- <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/photogallery/openhouse1.htm">Open House 2015</a><br>- <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/News/canada.htm">Canada Day 2014</a></b> </p> </TD> <TD><p align="left">The Burlington Lawn Bowling Club (BLBC) is a private charter club located in the heart of Burlington, Ontario. The club is a member of District 5 of the Ontario Lawn Bowling Association (OLBA).</p> <p align="left">The club invites you to join us for lively social interaction and mild exercise&nbsp; on the "GREEN" and we invite and encourage non-members to play as our guests.<IMG width="200" height="139" align="right" src="freewifi.jpg" border="0"> &nbsp;Lessons and loaner equipment are available for all who are interested in learning this sport. Guests may also use club bowls for a small fee.</p> <p align="left">BLBC has two regulation-size greens of 8 rinks each. Bowling occurs virtually every day of the week during our operating season, usually in the afternoons and evenings.&nbsp; More information on the choice of times and levels of play of all bowling activities can be found in the 2017 <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2017handbook.pdf">Handbook</a>.&nbsp; In addition, for the competitive bowler, the club also hosts numerous "Open Tournaments" and District &#38; Provincial Championships throughout the year. For your enjoyment, the club is licensed for beer and wine service.</p><p align="left"><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/clubshirts.jpg">BLBC shirts</a> are also available. Men and Women's sizes. $35. Contact <A href="mailto:mkg928@gmail.com">Maureen Gibb</a> to order.</p> <p align="center"><img src="purplehome.jpg" width="581" height="212" align="absmiddle"><br>&nbsp;</p> <hr align="center" width="100%" style="height:2px; border-width:0; color:#00BFFF; background-color:#00BFFF"> <p align="left"><a name="indoor">&nbsp;</a><span id="sectionindent"><u>INDOOR BOWLING:</u></span>&nbsp; Want to lawn bowl all year round? No problem! At BLBC you can bowl indoors from October to April for $100. We roll out 3 mats in our clubhouse. The game is similar to outdoors but the greens are mats (shorter & narrower than outside) with a block in the middle to make the game more challenging. Small bowls are supplied. All you need is indoor flat-soled shoes.</p> <p align="left">We have open bowling every afternoon (with refreshments & cookies between games). There are also leagues in the mornings & evenings. Come join us and enjoy the camaraderie. Lessons are available. There is an additional fee of $30 for non-outdoor members. Please check out the 2017-18 Indoor Bowling <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2017indoorsked.pdf">Schedule</a> for the times of all events and league action.</p> <hr align="center" width="100%" style="height:2px; border-width:0; color:#00BFFF; background-color:#00BFFF"> </TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="middle"> <TD bgcolor="#DAD2C6"> <p align="left"><span id="leftmenutab">&nbsp;Ongoing Activities&nbsp;</span> <br>&nbsp; <br><b>Open Bowling:</b> Pick-up games with players drawn randomly. Show up 20 minutes ahead of start time and play.<br>&nbsp; <br><b>Jitneys:</b> Same as Open Bowling, but played for loonies &#38; toonies. Also special Holiday Jitneys when 2 games are played.<br>&nbsp; <br><b>Tournaments:</b> Some are "in house" Club Tournaments for members only. <br>&nbsp;<br><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2018clubchampionships.pdf">See Schedule</a> for <b>2018 Club Championships</b>.<br>&nbsp;<br>Others are "<b>Open</b>" to outside clubs as well. All require pre-registration.<br>&nbsp; <br><b>Leagues:</b> Pick your own team for league play (such as <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/australian2016.pdf">Australian</a> 2-4-2 Pairs and 4-3-2-1). <br>&nbsp; </p></TD> <TD> <p align="center"><span id="sectionindent">Winners of Last Year's Open Tournaments held at BLBC</span></p><div style="text-align:center;"> <iframe src="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2017slideshow/index.html" frameborder="0" width="720" height="610" scrolling="no"> </iframe> </div> <p align="center">Previous Winners:&nbsp; <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2016slideshow/index.html">2016</a> &nbsp;&nbsp;-&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2015slideshow/index.html">2015</a> &nbsp;&nbsp;-&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2014slideshow/index.html">2014</a> &nbsp;-&nbsp; <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/Sponsors/index.html">2013</a>&nbsp;.</p> <p align="center"><a href="#top"><img src="backtop.gif" width="85" height="15" align="absmiddle"></a></p> <hr align="center" width="100%" style="height:2px; border-width:0; color:#00BFFF; background-color:#00BFFF"> </TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="middle"> <TD bgcolor="#DAD2C6"> <P align="left"><span id="leftmenutab">&nbsp;Bowling Tips&nbsp;</span><br>&nbsp;<br><b>"Bruce's Bits for Better Bowling". Tips:<br><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/issue1.pdf">#1</a>&nbsp;-&nbsp;<A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/issue2.pdf">#2</a>&nbsp;-&nbsp;<A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/issue3.pdf">#3</a>&nbsp;-&nbsp;<A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/issue4.pdf">#4</a><br><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/issue5.pdf">#5</a>&nbsp;-&nbsp;<A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/issue6.pdf">#6</a>&nbsp;-&nbsp;<A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/issue7.pdf">#7</a><br><font color="#FF0000">New:</font> Tip <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/issue7.pdf">#8</a>&nbsp;-&nbsp;</b><br>&nbsp;</font></p> <p align="left"><span id="leftmenutab">&nbsp;Open Tournaments&nbsp;</span><br>&nbsp; <br><b>Check our <font color=red><i>NEW</i>&nbsp;&nbsp;</font>Open Tournaments schedule and plan your entries!</b><br>&nbsp;<br> <a href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/yearlyschedule"><b>2018 Tournaments</b></a><br>&nbsp;<br> <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2018district5sked.pdf"><b>2018 District 5 Schedule</b></a><br>&nbsp; <br><span id="leftmenutab">&nbsp;Tournament Results&nbsp;</span><BR> <br>Results &#38; Winners:<br><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/entries2014/results2013.htm"><b>2013 Tournaments</b></a><br><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/entries2014/results2014.htm"><b>2014 Tournaments</b></a><br> <a href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/entries2015"><b>2015 Tournaments</b></a><br><a href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/entries2016"><b>2016 Tournaments</b></a> &nbsp;<br><a href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/entries2017"><b>2017 Tournaments</b></a></p> </TD> <TD><p align="center"><a name="fees">&nbsp;</a><span id="sectionindent">$5 Fee Increase for 2018</span><br>&nbsp; </p> <TABLE align="center" width="600" bordercolor="##228b22" bgcolor="#bedda7" border="3" cellspacing="4" cellpadding="5" frame="box" rules="all"> <TBODY> <TR bgcolor="#abd28e"> <TD width="75%"><b>FULL MEMBERSHIP</b>&nbsp;&nbsp;(including affiliation fees)</TD> <TD width="25%"><b>$190.00</b></TD></TR> <TR> <TD>New Members joining after August 1st</TD> <TD>pro-rated fee</TD></TR> <TR> <TD>Associate Member</TD> <TD>$30.00</TD></TR> <TR> <TD>Juniors (21 and under)</TD> <TD>$35.00</TD></TR> <TR> <TD>Indoor Bowling Membership (<A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/index.htm#indoor">see above</a>)</TD> <TD>Additional Fee</TD></TR> <TR> <TD>Lockers</TD> <TD>$5.00</TD></TR> <TR> <TD colspan="2">Bowls Rental: $25.00 per year</TD> </TR> <TR> <TD>"Pay-as-you-play" option</TD> <TD>NOT Available</TD> </TR> </TBODY></TABLE> </p> <p align="left"><span id="sectionindent2"><u>Note:</u></span> Full Membership Fee includes the annual affiliation fees of $31.00 remitted to provincial and national governing bodies ($15.50 to OLBA and $15.50 to Bowls Canada per player). Members who belong to more than one Ontario club only have to pay these fees once. Therefore if BLBC is not your primary club, you only pay the club portion or $159.00 in 2018. Indoor bowling add $100.<br></p> <p align="left"><span id="sectionindent2">2018 Membership Form now available for download in two formats: <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2018registration.docx">.doc</a> and <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2018registration.pdf">PDF</a>&nbsp;.</span><br>To renew your membership, please print, fill out and bring the form with you to the Spring Annual Meeting, or after that, the next time you are at the club along with the <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/waiver.pdf">Waiver</a>. </p> <hr align="center" width="100%" style="height:2px; border-width:0; color:#00BFFF; background-color:#00BFFF"> </TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="middle"> <TD bgcolor="#DAD2C6"><p align="left"><span id="leftmenutab">&nbsp;&nbsp;LINKS&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><br>&nbsp;<br> <A href="http://www.bowlscanada.com">Bowls Canada</A><BR> <A href="http://www.olba.ca">OLBA Home Page</A><BR> <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/OPL">Ontario Premier League</a><br> <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/OPL">Burlington Bears</a><br> <A href="http://www.burlington.ca">City of Burlington</A><BR> <A href="http://www.halton.ca">Region of Halton</A><BR> <A href="http://weatheroffice.ec.gc.ca/city/pages/on-95_metric_e.html">Burlington Weather</A><BR> <A href="http://www.tourismburlington.com">Tourism Burlington</A><br> <A href="http://pbacanada.com">PBA Canada</a><BR> <A href="http://www.wobaweek.com">WOBA 2017</A></B><br> <A href="http://www.jjmatbowling.com">JJ Mat Bowling</a><br>&nbsp;<br><b><span id="leftmenutab">&nbsp;Resources:&nbsp;</span></b><br>&nbsp;<br> <FONT face="Calibri" size="2"><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/constitution2014.pdf">Club Constitution</a> <br> <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/bylaws2016.pdf">Club Bylaws</a> <br>&nbsp;<br> <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2017spring.pdf">2017 Spring Meeting Minutes</a> <br>&nbsp;<br> <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/2017registration.docx">2017 Membership Form</a> &nbsp;&#38;&nbsp; <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/waiver.pdf">Waiver</a><br>&nbsp;<br> <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/4321.pdf">4-3-2-1 Rules</a><br>&nbsp;<br> <A href="http://bowls.mikemcnorton.ca">Ontario Tournaments 2017</A><br>&nbsp;<br> <A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/entries2015/OBAHistory.htm">O.B.A. History</A><br> </p> </TD> <TD><p align="left"><span id="sectionindent">Club Policies</span></p> <p align="left"><span id="sectionindent2"><u>Visitors & Practice:</u></span><br> Potential new members who have never bowled before are encouraged to participate, together with a reasonable number of coaching sessions for free, before making a membership decision. Visiting lawn bowlers may play occasionally for a fee (as defined annually by the club) and must make arrangements with the Drawmaster in advance of any practice or game. The decision of the Drawmaster will be final in all cases. No visitor, unless they become full members of the club, shall acquire any benefits of membership, nor be eligible to compete in club championships or league play. Players from other clubs in the district may practice for district playdowns being held at the club but must arrange for practice times in advance.</p> <p align="left"><span id="sectionindent2"><u>Dress Code:</u></span> (as per the club handbook):<br> <ul type="disc"><li>Flat soled shoes (indentations no deeper than 1/4 inch (1 cm) are mandatory).<br> <li>Shirts must have collars and/or sleeves.<br> <li>No restrictions for teams to wear same colour shirts for club championships.<br> <li>For Open Tournaments and District Playdowns, the OLBA Dress Code (General Rule 6.b.) shall apply (namely players on a team must all wear the same team colours or the default white tops and bottoms).</ul></p> <p align="left"><span id="sectionindent2"><u>Smoking:</u></span> The City of Burlington has a new "No Smoking" by-law on city property, including parks and parking lots. We have new signs on our fence advising the same. Smokers will move to the street curb.</p> <p align="left"><span id="sectionindent2"><u>Dogs:</u></span> The Club has decided that only Service Dogs will be permitted inside the fence of the club.</p> <p align="center"><a href="#top"><img src="backtop.gif" width="85" height="15" align="absmiddle"></a><br>&nbsp;<br></p> </TD> </TR> <TR bgcolor="#446710" VALIGN="middle"> <TD>&nbsp;</TD> <TD>&nbsp;</TD> </TR> <TR VALIGN="middle"> </TABLE> <hr align="center" width="100%" style="height:2px; border-width:0; color:#00BFFF; background-color:#00BFFF"> <div id="footer"> <P align="center"><img src="entlogo.gif" width="290" height="180" align="absmiddle"><BR>Burlington Lawn Bowling Club <BR>2275 New St, Burlington, Ont. L7R 1J4<br>(905) 333-5622<BR>All Rights Reserved Copyright 2007-2018<BR><A href="http://www.burlingtonlbc.org/">http://www.burlingtonlbc.org</A><br><BR>Send all comments and suggestions to Webmaster at <B><A href="mailto:webmaster@burlingtonlbc.org">BLBC Webmaster</A></B><BR>&nbsp;</P> <hr align="center" width="100%" style="height:2px; border-width:0; color:#00BFFF; background-color:#00BFFF"> <p align="center">&nbsp;</p> </div> </body> </html>